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Zupa Successfully Implements Caternet Software for Lunchtime Co

Lunchtime Co, a contract caterer serving over 150 schools in London and East Anglia, has partnered with Zupa to implement the Caternet software system.

Zupa and Wadworth commit to a contract extension for the Caternet software

Discover the enduring partnership between Zupa and Wadworth, as they renew their contract, marking over a decade of collaboration in the hospitality industry.

Unlocking untapped potential for CH&Co through the data warehouse

Discover how Zupa's data warehouse solutions empowered CH&Co to unlock untapped potential, enhancing data-driven decision-making and operational efficiency.

Our Reunion with The Dean Close Foundation

Celebrating a renewed partnership, Zupa and the Dean Close Foundation continue to drive educational excellence through innovative catering management software.

We Celebrate Partnership Milestone with Kings College School Contract Renewal

Marking a milestone in a fruitful partnership, Zupa and King's College School celebrate their continued collaboration with a contract renewal, enhancing the educational experience.

Celebrating a Successful EDI Integration with Brakes Catering Equipment

Highlighting a successful partnership, Zupa and Brakes Catering Equipment showcase the transformative impact of EDI integration on supply chain efficiency.

Changing the way people eat, drink and relax at the Coffee House with Caternet

Discover how The Coffee House revolutionised the dining experience with Caternet, streamlining operations and enriching customer satisfaction.

We Help Kale & Damson Stay Fresh

Kale and Damson thrive with Caternet's scalable solutions, ensuring fresh produce delivery and operational excellence in a competitive market.

Caternet's Unique Software at Brakes Group Foodservice

Explore how Zupa's strategic partnership with Brakes sustains its leading position in Europe's foodservice sector through innovative technology solutions.

Enhancing CH&Co's Catering Excellence: A Partnership Success Story with Zupa

Zupa's bespoke solutions foster CH&Co's growth, supporting their mission to deliver exceptional catering services across diverse sectors.

Brand in a Box Choose Caternet Software

Brand in a Box by Zupa: Revolutionizing the way businesses launch and manage their brands with a comprehensive, easy-to-use platform.

St Monica Trust Boosts Purchasing Power with Caternet

St Monica Trust amplifies its purchasing power and operational efficiency with Zupa's tailored software solutions, setting new standards in care.

Keep control with finance teams working remotely

Zupa's innovative software solutions empower finance teams to maintain control and drive efficiency, even while working remotely, ensuring business continuity.

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