Delight your guests and dish up better business outcomes

Fed up of feeling overwhelmed and exhausted?

Find out how Caternet, Zupa’s easy-to-use catering management solution, can transform your day-to-day operations, freeing up your team’s time to innovate menus and delight your guests.

Since using the Caternet platform for our procurement, we have simplified and improved ordering with our suppliers, saving us time and giving us greater consistency, reliability, and full control of our spend.

Paul Cunliffe
Head of Procurement,Cosmo Restaurant Group

Create predictability in an unpredictable world with Zupa

At a time of unpredictable costs, fragile supply chains and increasing regulatory requirements, your restaurant can ill-afford surprise price rises, reduced stock visibility and food wastage.

Why Caternet is trusted by pubs and restaurants:

Cost control

The price you pay today is correct and will always match the invoice.

Stock management

Full stock management visibility and live margin management.


Create & share recipes, track vital nutrition & allergy information, and cost each individual dish.


Make real-time decisions and connect the dots with a live view of sales vs cost of goods sold.