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Supplier spotlight - building greater transparency with customers

Today’s Consumers want to understand where their food comes from, how it is produced and the impact it has on the environment. From a supplier perspective, embracing advances in procurement technology to help improve that level of transparency, means they can stay relevant to customer demands.

Does technology have a pivotal role in tackling food inflation?

As consumer budgets continue to be squeezed, do hospitality and foodservice companies need to work harder and smarter to tackle the impact. And what role does technology have?

How technology is changing foodservice at large events – 5 key learnings

The third event in our 2023 series of hospitality roundtable discussions focused on the evolving role of technology in foodservice provision for large events and stadia. Read the 5 key takeaways.

The secret ingredient: how team cohesion can transform hospitality

In today’s turbulent climate, strong team cohesion is essential, yet building a strong team is no easy feat. With vacancies for staff higher than ever, how can hospitality companies go about building teams and team cohesion?

How can we harness the power of hospitality to revitalise post-Brexit Britain?

In the wake of Brexit, its hard to ignore the tough challenges facing hospitality. But is the sector perfectly positioned to lead the way in helping reshape and rebuild the UK economy?

How critical is authenticity to hospitality business success?

The people we hire and work with in hospitality are the essence of the experience we want for our guests. But how authentic does this sentiment need to be?

What’s the impact of technology & AI on hospitality procurement & food supply chains?

Advances in technology and AI are increasingly becoming essential tools for businesses. So, what is preventing a greater adoption of tech across all aspects of hospitality today?

Lessons learned - 5 hospitality leaders share their advice for their younger selves

What advice would you give your younger self? Five hospitality leaders share their lessons learned.

Four takeaways from the Zupa Food Service Breakfast Forum

In our recent hospitality breakfast forum, we explored the key trends across the education food service sector and the role which technology can and will play in the future. Read our four takeaways.

Hospitality's recipes for success - 7 key themes

Halfway through our first season of our hospitality podcast, Recipes for Success, we share 7 recurring themes from our guests.

Food industry research round-up: the core issues impacting people on the ground

In 2022, Zupa commissioned independent research to better understand food service challenges and provision across care, contract catering and restaurants. We've unearthed key themes and findings common to all sectors.

Food legislation – a help or a hindrance?

The mere mention of the word ‘legislation’ or ‘regulation’ can send many businesses running for the hills. How are hospitality and food business dealing with new and complex food legislation in these challenging times? And how effective is this legislation anyway?

Embracing digitisation and reducing costly mistakes in the kitchen

With little let up in the cost of living crisis, hospitality firms are having to work harder and smarter - both to survive and stay profitable. But with inflation and staff shortages still a battle for many, this may not be as straightforward as it seems.

Food sustainability: confronting the conundrum in uncertain times

Our global food supply chain system has evolved over many years and making changes isn’t going to be simple and easy to do. What are the barriers and opportunities. And what role does the hospitality sector have?

Recipes for Success – new Zupa podcast series launched for 2023!

At Zupa, we've launched a new video podcast series, Recipes for Success. We'll be exploring a range of topics and thinking affecting hospitality businesses today, helping to share perspective, fresh ideas and expert insight with everyone working in all aspects of foodservice.

Five cost management New Year Resolutions kitchens must stick to in 2023

As we move into another unpredictable New Year for the hospitality industry, effective cost management has never been more important. Anything that impacts the bottom line must come under fierce scrutiny, food wastage being the big one.

Looking ahead - what's in store for Hospitality in 2023?

With 2022 drawing to a close, I’d like to share a retrospective of the last 12 months as well as set out some of the trends I see in hospitality in the year ahead.

As costs soar is the hospitality sector keeping up with its sustainability agenda?

It hasn’t been easy for the hospitality industry over these last few years, so has commitment to sustainability in terms of embracing a more environmentally friendly future fallen down the pecking order of business priorities?

Hospitality - do we need staff training anyway?

At a time where it feels like the hospitality industry is fighting a war on all fronts, is this the best time to invest valuable time and resource in revamping your employee training programme? And what do you need to implement it successfully?

Making dishes go further – 8 ways chefs can minimise the impacts of food inflation

It's getting harder to avoid passing price hikes onto customers, themselves facing a tightening of purse strings. Chefs and catering teams working inhospitality and foodservice need to get smarter and more creative about cost control - from how goods are sourced, to what cuts of meat and ingredients to use in recipes.

Building operational resilience - what’s the cost of doing nothing?

Ollie Brand, CEO at Zupa and Neil Shayle, Commercial Director at Zupa examine the findings of a recent study of the UK contract catering sector and share 'on the ground' insights and challenges.

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