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Uncovering Hidden Opportunities for Growth

Explore how the contract catering industry can find new opportunities for growth and efficiency through digital technology and automation. Learn about the advantages of P2P technology, better supplier management, and tools like Caternet. This blog explains how these innovations can help reduce costs, improve staff productivity, and enhance job satisfaction, ensuring long-term success in the competitive catering industry.

The Need for Speed: Five Ways P2P Technology Can Quickly Save Your Business Money

Speed is of the essence when it comes to saving money in contract catering, in this blog we reveal five ways P2P technology is helping businesses to make quick, impactful savings.

How Automation Transforms Inventory Management – Saving Time and Money

Explore how automation revolutionises inventory management in the contract catering industry with Zupa's insights. Learn how technology like Caternet can save time, reduce waste, and enhance profitability by streamlining stock control, minimising food wastage, and improving supplier negotiations. Unlock new growth opportunities and operational excellence in your catering business.

Menu Planning: Striking a Balance Between Creativity and Practicality

Uncover the art of menu planning where creativity meets practicality. This guide offers valuable insights into striking the perfect balance, ensuring your menus delight customers while maintaining operational efficiency. Explore Zupa's expert advice.

Approved Buying Lists Deliver Greater Control on Spend

Explore how approved buying lists can revolutionise your procurement strategy, delivering greater control over spend and optimising your purchasing process. Dive into the benefits and best practices with Zupa's insights.

Procure-to-Pay and the Power of EDI

Unlock the full potential of your procure-to-pay process with the power of Electronic Data Interchange (EDI). Discover how integrating EDI can streamline your operations, enhance efficiency, and lead to transformative outcomes for your business.

Supplier Spotlight: Staying Relevant while Minimising Operational Friction

Navigating the delicate balance of supplier relationships and operational efficiency has never been more crucial. Explore our insights on maintaining relevance and smoothing out operations in the hospitality sector.

Exciting News from Zupa: Caternet's Fresh New Look launches mid-March 24!

Discover Caternet's groundbreaking transformation! Launching in March 2024, our fresh new look promises to redefine catering management software. Stay ahead with Zupa's innovative solutions.

Menu Innovation: A Crucial Ingredient

How menu innovation can become a powerful tool for improving profitability, sustainability, and customer satisfaction.

How collaboration can transform hospitality in 2024

Collaboration will be fundamental in transforming hospitality throughout 2024 – especially in relation to advances in technology. What are the outcomes we can expect?

Ray of light for hospitality: will 2024 see the next productivity boom?

Will 2024 provide a real opportunity for the next great productivity boom in hospitality sector?

Outlook - what’s in store for Hospitality in 2024?

Ollie takes a step back and reviews the journey the hospitality industry has been on these past twelve months and shares his predictions for the year ahead.

Can student enterprise & tech innovation help reduce school food bills?

From teenagers right down to primary-aged children, when it comes to looking after our planet young people are very much leading the way. So should schools & food service operators look to involve students in reducing food wastage?

Supplier spotlight - building greater transparency with customers

Today’s Consumers want to understand where their food comes from, how it is produced and the impact it has on the environment. From a supplier perspective, embracing advances in procurement technology to help improve that level of transparency, means they can stay relevant to customer demands.

Does technology have a pivotal role in tackling food inflation?

As consumer budgets continue to be squeezed, do hospitality and foodservice companies need to work harder and smarter to tackle the impact. And what role does technology have?

How technology is changing foodservice at large events – 5 key learnings

The third event in our 2023 series of hospitality roundtable discussions focused on the evolving role of technology in foodservice provision for large events and stadia. Read the 5 key takeaways.

The secret ingredient: how team cohesion can transform hospitality

In today’s turbulent climate, strong team cohesion is essential, yet building a strong team is no easy feat. With vacancies for staff higher than ever, how can hospitality companies go about building teams and team cohesion?

How can we harness the power of hospitality to revitalise post-Brexit Britain?

In the wake of Brexit, its hard to ignore the tough challenges facing hospitality. But is the sector perfectly positioned to lead the way in helping reshape and rebuild the UK economy?

How critical is authenticity to hospitality business success?

The people we hire and work with in hospitality are the essence of the experience we want for our guests. But how authentic does this sentiment need to be?

What’s the impact of technology & AI on hospitality procurement & food supply chains?

Advances in technology and AI are increasingly becoming essential tools for businesses. So, what is preventing a greater adoption of tech across all aspects of hospitality today?

Lessons learned - 5 hospitality leaders share their advice for their younger selves

What advice would you give your younger self? Five hospitality leaders share their lessons learned.

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