Finance & Leadership

Running a food service operation or business can be an immense task. It's harder still when disparate systems mean your departments are not seamlessly aligned and you do not have a single source of truth.

Forecast cash flow, eliminate overspends and control costs right down to the last penny.

With Caternet you can replicate your own chart of accounts, providing accurate forecasting and analytics from stock consumption to profitability - right down to item level. And every report is easy to track and audit, with invoice adjustments date- stamped and HMRC-friendly.

Easy to set up with no upfront costs, find out how Caternet can reduce your spend on goods and services by 5-15%

Control spending

Control costs and avoid exceeding budgets across all trading locations.

HMRC-friendly paperless process

Simplify your auditing and reduce time correcting invoices

Reduce your overheads

Avoid big upfront fees and integrate seamlessly with existing finance software.

Real-time reporting

Access accurate real-time reports and align finance with operations.

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