Running a food service operation can be an immense task. It can be made harder still when you have missing or incorrect invoices, paperwork that isn’t up-to-date, or you’re trying to manage budgets that are way off the mark.

Maximise the organisational value of your data and eliminate all unnecessary admin time and paperwork.

With Caternet you have fast, integrated online reporting at your fingertips. Whether ordering, transactions, analytics, budgeting or stock control, you will be able to tackle these quickly, and focus your skills and efforts on analysing live accurate data and delivering top drawer front of house experience.

Easy to set up with no upfront costs, find out how Caternet can save your department more than 2.5 days per week in admin time.

Real time visibility

Build a single source of truth and avoid losing time collating disparate information.

Precise reporting

Access accurate real-time reports and align operations with finance.

Online paperless purchases

Reduce time spent correcting and adjusting invoices.

Straightforward budgeting

Automate expenditure control, making budgeting quick and easy.

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