As a supplier, there's never been more of a challenge to deliver the best service on time and with a competitive price. Current supply chain fragility can impact reliability and risk clients looking elsewhere.

Capture all your orders in one live secure portal, whatever your client’s location

With Caternet's real-time Catering Management platform you can prepare accurate analytics, match competitor pricing, as well as prepare accurate invoices online. Not only will Caternet save time gathering data, but there’s also potential to expand your business via Caternet’s trading portal with an ever-growing community of new clients.

Easy to set up with no joining or admin fees to access our community of buyers. All you need is a smart phone or tablet and internet connection.

Order capturing

Capture your orders in real-time, speed up decision-making and eliminate all client friction.

Quicker payments

Ensure quicker and more accurate payment.

Join our community

Be part of a community of 2,500+ suppliers and build new relationships.

Ingredients catalogue

Upload ingredients or select from the Erudus One Data Pool.

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