Caternet's Unique Software at Brakes Group Foodservice


Explore how Zupa's strategic partnership with Brakes sustains its leading position in Europe's foodservice sector through innovative technology solutions.

Caternet and Brakes Group have established a successful partnership to make life easier for their suppliers across the UK and Europe.

The business challenge

The Brakes business is built on quality, reliability, innovation and trust, so it’s no wonder they’ve been successfully serving chefs across the food industry for the past 50 years.

Working with various online trading platforms, upon request and agreement with their clients, not only increased their costs but also admin time. Brakes were looking for the right software to invest in to ensure their service remained reliable and efficient from order to delivery.

The solution

Caternet began working with Brakes in 2012 and since then we have both enjoyed an efficient working relationship. Sharing a number of hospitality clients has enabled us to create a reliable, cost effective, easy to use eProcurement foundation for Brakes.

Caternet’s eProcurement software is fully maintained and updated by suppliers with live visibility on all orders. Which allows Brakes to accept or reject any cost changes to their goods or services quickly, and without disturbing the supply chain. And reduces the number of orders made via telesales, and saving admin time

This is just the beginning. As a business who is always looking for new innovative ideas to offer the hospitality sector, we listen to any challenges Brakes may encounter and fit them into our system design updates.