Changing the way people eat, drink and relax at the Coffee House with Caternet


Discover how The Coffee House revolutionised the dining experience with Caternet, streamlining operations and enriching customer satisfaction.


The Coffee House has set out to change the way people eat, drink and relax in their local communities across Cheshire and the North of England since 2011. With a wide range of speciality coffee roasted on site, chilled drinks and high-quality home-made food, the mission is simple: to be recognised as the leading coffee operator in the region.

The company is experiencing strong growth and is on target to reach 25 coffee shops by 2025, leading to an overhaul of its operational strategy, and the implementation of Caternet.

Business Challenge

In the early days of start-up, the business looked for the most cost-effective way of communicating across the business, and was highly dependent on consumer-based apps, like WhatsApp. This approach soon became unsustainable and complex to manage with the scale and speed needed to move a product from one store to another.

Further, with customer experience core to the Coffee House, it wanted to ensure its teams are free to focus on building relationships with their customers rather than caught up in manual processes. To achieve this, the Coffee House needed more sophisticated, automated functionality such as procurement and recipe building, so it looked towards technology to manage its evolving needs.

The Coffee House’s partnership with Zupa, began early in 2018 when it had just opened its fourth store. Since then, the leadership team has worked closely with the Zupa team as it continues to grow, refining and developing a robust, futureproofed IT strategy.


The Zupa team started out by investing time to understand the business and core operational needs. Once they felt 100% confident that Caternet was a great fit for the business, the team let the Coffee House team drive the speed of system adoption.

With support and training from Zupa, the Coffee House soon learned and felt very comfortable that the platform was easy to use, quick to set-up and provided full automation from procurement through to payment.

What drives us forward despite the challenging times the sector is facing, is the really rich data we are able to extract from the Caternet platform which enables us to make more intelligent business decisions than ever before." Chris Shelmerdine, director & co-founder the Coffee House

The Future

The Coffee House is not resting on its laurels. It has recently relocated all back-end operations to a 17,000 square foot facility, centralising its logistics, production unit, bakery and kitchen and it is about to launch a new roastery.

As Caternet has the ability to scale with the business as it grows, the Coffee House also plans to continue to roll out the system across all of its locations, as well as make full use of Caternet’s recipe planning functionality.

Bolstered by continuous learning and support from the Zupa team, the Coffee House high confidence for a bright future in the partnership as it spearheads its ambitious growth strategy.