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Contract catering

Explore how CH&CO finally found the technology partner they were searching for, in the shape of Caternet’s hospitality specific solutions.

The business challenge

The management team at CH&CO had grown frustrated with their search for a technology partner. They had spent years trying to find a hospitality purchasing software that could help provide fine food and match their impeccable service across various locations. Time and time again they were left disappointed.

Their business was forever evolving and they needed a platform that allowed end-to-end onsite management, live accurate purchasing control plus recipe and allergen management. They wanted a partnership that integrated quickly and seamlessly into their current financial software, offering instant accurate workflows and reporting.

The solution

Caternet demonstrated a full understanding of CH&CO’s objectives and delivered an agreed mobilisation plan within agreed timelines. Once Caternet’s software had been implemented CH&CO was able to track all goods and view live accurate reporting and purchasing control of all food and drink items, including weighted goods and substitutes. This resulted in a reduced annual spend where new targets were also achieved.

Working seamlessly with operations and CH&CO’s existing finance package, Caternet’s software also saved admin time for both teams. Which meant more time could be spent focusing on analysing accurate data and growing the business with major acquisitions.

Caternet continues to evolve with CH&CO’s needs and support. Training newly acquired businesses and taking onboard any feedback that can be coded into the system upgrades.