We Help Kale & Damson Stay Fresh


Kale and Damson thrive with Caternet's scalable solutions, ensuring fresh produce delivery and operational excellence in a competitive market.

When small local produce supplier Kale & Damson wanted a free to supplier trading platform, we had the pick of the bunch.

The Business Challenge

In 2014, Kale and Damson was created by Kuljitt Dhariwal and his father to supply the very best seasonal fruit and vegetables to leading hotels, restaurants, schools and colleges. Since then the business has grown month on month.

However, they had a concern for regional suppliers that were in growth. They were all offering their services online through trading platforms. Kuljitt didn’t know whether putting his business on to a virtual catering and hospitality portal would benefit their business or not. That was until a client of theirs requested it.

The Solution

Caternet contacted Kuljitt and his team to introduce them to the Caternet free-to-supplier trading platform. With no cost to the business Kuljitt received the same level of support as his client received and a Kale & Damson trading portal was soon created.

This ensured his existing client continued to do business with them, and Kale & Damson were free to trade with an ever-growing list of new potential clients.

Fitting seamlessly into their current operations, Kale & Damson was soon running more efficiently with fewer disputes and faster payments. They could also now match competitors pricing with change requests via Caternet while taking control of all orders, dispatches and payments online, in real-time.