Brand in a Box Choose Caternet Software

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Brand in a Box by Zupa: Revolutionizing the way businesses launch and manage their brands with a comprehensive, easy-to-use platform.

Brand in a Box is a high quality packaging and labelling company, based in Gloucestershire.

The business challenge

With many large commercial clients, it was inevitable that they would be required to adopt a system to accommodate their client’s needs.

As a business that prides itself on its character and rapport with its clients due to their ongoing dialogue from telephone ordering, they were nervous to adopt purchasing software.

Caternet were one of the first systems that Brand in a Box adopted, and so there was a need to make the change of process as simple as possible.

The solution

As a result, they have come to find that Caternet is, in fact, the easiest system to get to grips with, which is a necessity when looking at the circumstance. Since 2014, they have had to adopt many systems upon request and agreement with their clients. In so doing, they have come to have a wealth of experience when it comes to the range of eprocurement software available in the market.

With their use of Caternet, Brand in a Box have found improvements in operational procedures. This is through ease of credit control and general reconciliation of orders to capture any errors. They have found that new members of the team understand and take to the Caternet system with more ease than any other system. As a growing business, they need it to be time efficient.

With 60 years of experience in the sector, Brand in a box is an exceptional example of an independent British business. We are pleased to be a part of the ongoing development of their supplying procedures and humbled by the feedback they give us for our continuous improvement.