Celebrating a Successful EDI Integration with Brakes Catering Equipment


Highlighting a successful partnership, Zupa and Brakes Catering Equipment showcase the transformative impact of EDI integration on supply chain efficiency.

Zupa, the provider of the innovative catering management solution Caternet, is excited to announce Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) connectivity with Brakes Catering Equipment. This achievement positions Zupa as the first Purchase-to-Pay (P2P) system to establish a fully functional EDI connection with Brakes Catering Equipment.

Initiated in October 2023, this collaborative project aimed to streamline trading processes for mutual clients by replacing manual methods with an efficient EDI connection. The transition eliminates the need for cumbersome paper invoices and credits, fostering a more seamless and automated exchange of information between the two systems.

While Zupa has long-standing EDI connectivity within the Brakes Group for food accounts, extending this capability to Brakes Catering Equipment has been a recent milestone. Zupa consistently processes thousands of EDI invoices annually for the Brakes Group, showcasing its proficiency in EDI integration.

Neil Shayle, Commercial Director for Zupa, expressed his enthusiasm about the achievement, stating,

"We are thrilled to have successfully integrated with the Brakes Catering Equipment team and take pride in being the first third-party provider to achieve this milestone. The collaboration between both companies exemplifies our commitment to enhancing the experience for our mutual clients. Historically, the absence of EDI capabilities among catering equipment and non-food suppliers has led to manual processing of purchase orders and paper documentation. This integration signifies a significant leap forward in automation for the industry."

Becki Varley, Light Equipment Team Leader of Brakes Catering Equipment, echoed the sentiment, saying

"We are delighted to have partnered with Zupa to accomplish this groundbreaking integration. Despite the challenges we faced, our collective efforts have resulted in a successful outcome for the benefit of our mutual clients. Looking ahead, we are eager to expand this connectivity to serve additional clients and further enhance operational efficiency."

The successful collaboration between Zupa and Brakes Catering Equipment not only marks a milestone in EDI integration within the catering industry, but also underscores the commitment of both organisations to delivering enhanced value and efficiency to their clients.