Caternet, Our Catering Management Platform

Everything we do at Zupa is powered by our best-in-class catering management software, Caternet. Designed to help customers to know and grow their business, Caternet has been used by leading food service operators across the hospitality, leisure, education and care industry sectors for over 14 years.

What is Caternet?

Our one-stop-shop catering management software solution is easy to use, quick to set up, and provides full automation from procurement through to payment (P2P), including online ordering, 3-way invoice processing, sales analysis, recipe and allergens management, and live reporting.

Caternet is robust and fully scalable, enabling it to expand as your business grows. This gives you the peace of mind you need from a catering management system that is designed with the end user in mind.

Hospitality procure-to-pay software

From online ordering, through to supplier payment, Caternet provides you with an automated catering trading platform at your fingertips that gives you a single source of truth. By keeping track of rapidly changing prices of both existing and new suppliers, you can control spending and buy more competitively, guaranteeing the best-priced goods and services for all your organisational purchasing.


• Purchasing Control (Order Fulfilment)
• AP Automation (Order Reconciliation)
• EDI Ordering
• Device and mobile friendly.

Stock Control

With Caternet's stock control , you can automate your stock management and achieve complete stock control. This will save you time, eliminate wastage and help you avoid ever running out of stock. At the click of a button, you can see what stock is available, where and when, maintaining internal trading lists, as well as getting real-time insight into your just-in-time order supplies and transfers across locations.


• Stock Management (Audit)
• Stock Reporting (Variance)
• Financial Control.

Recipe Management

With our recipe management, you can save time and effort by tracking allergens and nutrition data at point of purchase. By creating recipes using live product information fed by your suppliers, you can be assured that all nutritional and allergen data is up-to-date and compliant with current regulatory and labelling requirements. Recipes can also be used to forecast, to assess if dishes are financially viable, as well as be shared and scaled across your organisation.


• Nutritional, Allergen and Ingredient Management
• Recipe Forecasting
• Menu Management
• Compliance labelling.

Sales Analysis

With our sales analysis, you can bring budget control to the forefront, monitoring all purchasing and sales in real time. With real-time forecasts, you get critical immediate insight into your business performance, enabling you to make agile decisions, take corrective action and manage expectations.

Supporting you from budget plan to EPoS, our sales analysis removes all manual processes, eliminating time wastage, as well as delivering cost savings and helping you build stronger cash flow.


• Cash management
• EPOS integration
• Trend and sales forecasting.

Supplier Management

As a supplier you can build, improve and manage your customer relationships by automating live trading between your organisation, your customers and trading locations.

With our supplier management module, you can centralise agreements, increase transparency and continuously review against your agreed terms, enabling you to make immediate, informed decisions - and eliminate any surprises.


• Order fulfilment
• EDI Product Updates
• EDI Order fulfilment.

Data and Analytics

With end-to-end data integration, our data and analytics gives you access to real-time insight, providing you with an essential single source of truth across your entire business.

Through Zupa you can easily organise your data and create reports, allowing you to interpret information, share insight into your business performance, and quickly access the information you need to implement effective change for future growth.


• Real time reporting
• Analytics.