Hospitality procure-to-pay software

From online ordering, through to supplier payment, Caternet provides you with an automated catering trading platform at your fingertips that gives you a single source of truth. By keeping track of rapidly changing prices of both existing and new suppliers, you can control spending and buy more competitively, guaranteeing the best-priced goods and services for all your organisational purchasing.


Place Order

Make ordering with your suppliers is as easy as 1, 2, 3 with complete end-to-end visibility and by eliminating any miscommunication.

Budget Warning

Control overspend at every level, balancing harmonious operations and protecting margins.

Order Templates

Consistency, reliability and time saved when buying the staple items.

Order Hopper

Make trips to the shop a thing of the past by constantly monitoring stock levels and ensuring you never run out of key ingredients.

Invoice Reconciliation

Save time and improve cash flow with 3-way matching and invoice reconciliation automation at accounts payable.

Approve ABL Changes

Maintain peace of mind and eliminate rogue purchases, with approved items with live prices direct from your suppliers informing margin control.

PricePro Management

Automate price uplifts centrally for margins gains and rebate control.

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