Stock and Internal Transfers

With Caternet's stock control, you can automate your stock management and achieve complete stock control. This will save you time, eliminate wastage and help you avoid ever running out of stock. At the click of a button, you can see what stock is available, where and when, maintaining internal trading lists, as well as getting real-time insight into your just-in-time order supplies and transfers across locations.


Stock Sheet

Have real time visibility of what's in stock to reduce stock days.

Stock Audit

Move away from paper-based processes, save time and inform decision-making by directly inputting and uploading.

Consumption Report

Know what has been bought, stored, made and sold in real time.

Wastage Report

Save money off the balance sheet by aligning what you sell with what you have in stock.

Internal Orders - Stock Holder

Account for all stock movements from your central inventory storage or production locations.

Internal Orders

Control your own production plan at site level, and get the stock you need when you need it

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