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How chef creativity can boost cost control whilst ensuring plate quality

There are many ways to get more value from food, from exploring different cuts of meat to researching seasonal produce and special offers – but this level of intervention requires creativity, innovation and time. It is imperative to connect the dots between unnecessary or inefficient manual processes that are a huge time drain across their workforce, and freeing chefs up to do the job they love.

Will hospitality get the support it needs this winter?

There are challenging times for the hospitality industry. From freezing energy prices to lowering VAT and business rates, to stand any chance of survival this winter there is little doubt that there needs to be focused effort on delivering comprehensive financial support.

How to stay positive and proactive in these unprecedented times

Times are challenging for hospitality. With or without intervention, we will either fall victim to circumstance or need to be more proactive about our lives and businesses - to do what we can, with what we’ve got. Here's more on my thoughts.

Counting the Cost of Food Waste in a Cost-of-Living Crisis

The UK foodservice industry throws away 1.1 million tonnes of food every year. Eliminating food waste is no longer a significant environmental challenge but has also become both a serious business issue and moral imperative.

Can technology hold the key for Care Home reform?

From the global pandemic and Brexit to inflation and staff shortages, UK care homes have faced no shortage of challenges. Could technology hold the key to transforming the delivery of resident care?

Keep control with finance teams working remotely

With venues trading under different rules and head office administrators working remotely, how did one hotel group stop costs spiralling and become future ready?

Sustainable procurement - are we just scratching the surface?

As increasing numbers of businesses are joining the quest for more sustainable procurement, there is one big question: are we making progress?

8 top tips for smarter tech decisions

Making technology decisions, or choosing new software to solve a business problem, often feels like something best left to the IT team. However, it is often the line of business that feel the pains and frustrations of using outdated technology so it can be worthwhile getting involved.

How schools can achieve 10 out of 10 for cost control

Schools are also experiencing the impacts of rapid rising inflation. As schools plan for the new academic year, should headteachers and their leadership teams invest in technology to help them manage costs?

Why costing a plate of food is as critical as basic knife skills

As the hospitality industry grapples with rising food costs, it needs to know the exact costs of every single plate of food.

Are you making the most of your supplier relationships?

Maintaining robust supplier relationships is vital to future proof your business. See how adopting fit-for-purpose technology can help you manage your relationships.

The final countdown to calorie labelling

With less than one week to go until new labelling legislation comes into force, the food industry has just a short window of opportunity to act and ensure it can meet the new guidelines next week.

Is UK Hospitality getting the support it deserves?

There is a clear and present argument for proactive government support for the UK hospitality sector.

Prioritising better food provision for your Care Home

Care managers and kitchen staff are having to do much more with far less resource. It's time for the Care Sector to make greater use of technology to eliminate the admin burden, control costs and improve operational efficiency.

How cost control can transform your hospitality business - Zupa

It feels like the school of hard knocks these days for our hospitality clients as they continue on their path of post-pandemic recovery.

Spring Statement 2022 & What It Means for Hospitality - Zupa

It feels a very long time since my first blog on the global supply chain impacts of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine a few weeks ago . Whilst nothing can compare to the devastation and suffering we’re witnessing in Ukraine, we’ve all come to realise that we are all impacted in one way or another by Putin’s actions due to our global supply chain.

Russia and Ukraine - The wider impacts for global supply chains - Zupa

Seven days ago, Russia invaded Ukraine and few of us will be immune to the horror of events as they continue to unfold. It is heartening to see so many countries standing in solidarity with the Ukrainian people, with many of us drawn into a daily ‘doomscrolling’ from our mobile phones.

What’s Next for Zupa?

Ollie Brand is the new CEO of Zupa. The 29-year-old entrepreneur is poised to lead the company in preparation for the launch of its intelligent business trading platform, zupaBiz, in the first half of this year. Here, he tells us more…

5 Ways Hospitality Can Boost Revenue & Reduce Cost

According to UKHospitality, the Covid pandemic over the last two years is estimated to have cost the hospitality industry £115 billion. It has been increasingly difficult for businesses to survive - and many companies have been pushed to their absolute limits, challenging them in ways they had never thought possible. Staff shortages, rising costs and supply chain disruption, mean the window for turning a profit is getting smaller and more volatile by the day.

Top Tips for managing Regulatory Changes in Catering & Hospitality - Zupa

When it comes to legislative change, it seems there is no let up for catering and hospitality businesses. With Natasha’s Law in full swing since October 2021 and new calorie labelling regulations coming into force on 6 April 2022, the need to keep on top of allergen management and nutrition continues apace.

How technology can transform multi-site operations

The impact of the global pandemic has accelerated the urgency of digitisation for businesses of all sizes across the UK. Whether Covid has led to more widely dispersed teams, or greater challenges in managing and coordinating business operations across multiple sites, new technology is paving the way to efficiency and simplicity. In the case of multi-site operations, managing teams, wide scale projects and overall performance can be particularly complex.

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