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Why Supply Chains Need Smarter Digital Solutions - Zupa

  • Asset Type: Blog Post
  • Publication Date: 06 Jan 2022

The unpredictability of the pandemic is not the only thing affecting supply chains right now. From changeable weather, to rising energy prices, cost of fuel, product shortages and delivery disruption, there are a myriad of challenges for businesses as we head into another new year of uncertainty.

Yet the supply challenges many businesses are facing at the moment have been escalating over the latter part of last year and many are looking towards smarter technology solutions and cloud-based digital offerings to alleviate some of the admin pressures placed upon teams. More and more businesses are recognising the benefits of embracing the move to digital and automated cloud-based services to reduce supply chain related problems and create a more seamless process for their teams and customers.

Many businesses have admittedly taken their supply chains for granted over previous years and the quality of that supply chain is coming into the spotlight and throwing up a number of alarm bells. Fixing supply chain problems will not happen overnight, businesses need to take time to nurture and develop stronger relationships with their suppliers by looking at how they manage their supply chain and deliveries and whether or not they do this with a transactional or strategic focus. This is where the right digital technology can help.

Businesses need to feel confident in their supply chain, to have the right tools to manage relationships well and with accuracy and quality data. Making decisions based upon live data reduces the likelihood of error, it also means you have one single source of truth to work from rather than several different avenues. Technology is fast becoming an essential factor in the journey to develop robust and resilient supply chains that are built to last.