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How technology can transform multi-site operations

  • Asset Type: Blog Post
  • Publication Date: 17 Feb 2022

The right technology can bring a raft of operational benefits to multi-site businesses

The impact of the global pandemic has accelerated the urgency of digitisation for businesses of all sizes across the UK. Whether Covid has led to more widely dispersed teams, or greater challenges in managing and coordinating business operations across multiple sites, new technology is paving the way to efficiency and simplicity. In the case of multi-site operations, managing teams, wide scale projects and overall performance can be particularly complex.

Having complete visibility and real time insight across the entire business performance is no longer a nice to have. It’s critical. Business leaders have a duty to provide employees with access to the right support and guidance, whether they are office-based or working remotely. That means furnishing them with the foresight and the ability to plan so that they can minimise wastage and keep on top of stock and inventory, while adhering to legislative and compliance requirements. Regular communication and team collaboration will help to an extent and will encourage managers and their employees to stay connected and productive. But unless the data and insight you have at your fingertips is accurate and current (in real time), it is difficult to make proactive business decisions with any certainty.

Using a business trading platform like zupaBiz, gives you a complete, live picture of how your business is performing regardless of whether you are on site or not. You can also view activity across all regions or selected locations, which can be specifically tailored to the departments or sites you manage. From eProcurement to supplier management, business operations and financial reporting, using a flexible system that ensures your team’s actions are visible as they happen, and that they filter down seamlessly to provide a live view of the business trading performance site-by-site, is imperative.

Being equipped with accurate information also means managers can easily identify trends or areas of concern across the business as well as drill down to specifics. Whether that is plugging resourcing gaps, managing supply chain issues or controlling overspend, spotting issues or potential problems in advance means managers can take the right course of action, in a timely and cost-effective way, and avoid unnecessary site visits where problems can be resolved remotely.