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A fresh, hot cup of success for GRIND

  • Asset Type: Case Study
  • Publication Date: 07 Jul 2022

Working with rapidly expanding coffee bar and restaurant group GRIND, Caternet quickly identified viable solutions to help them scale without impacting on productivity or growth.

The business challenge

Consisting of a group of seven café-bars and three restaurants across London, Grind was growing rapidly and had already secured investment to continue expansion. However, they identified that the current manual processes they used was inhibiting their growth.

Using multiple purchasing solutions and their suppliers’ own online systems, invoices were becoming delayed and an accountant had to be outsourced. Not ideal. They had no live price visibility or reporting, and no live budget to control their spending.

Grind needed easy-to-use software that would integrate into their current operations seamlessly and provide fast accurate data, to complete reports and forecast cash flow.

The solution

A ‘one-stop-shop’ web portal that enabled GRIND to modernise their purchasing, reporting and financial systems, thereby saving them time, money and hassle.

All purchases, with all suppliers, were controlled from one portal. Here GRIND could view live prices, agree or reject price changes and benefit from online paperless purchases. Invoices and disputes were all dealt with online; reducing time spent correcting and adjusting invoices. Plus, everything shared with their accountant and within GRIND’s own finance department became more accurate and efficient. Therefore reducing the amount of admin, which allowed more time for analysis. Perfect for a company looking to grow.

Caternet also built EPoS, budget and forecasting reports that could be accurately updated whenever required, due to the live business conditions that Caternet offered.