Consultants Referral Pathway

Gain the to qualify and promote zupaPlatform, with a reward for new contracts.


Your clients have engaged your expertise. Your analysis proves that a move into paperless ways of working will revive control over their budgets, stock, people, and profit. You’re under pressure to advise a software provider, but gaining knowledge of best-fit risks overrunning tight timelines.


Give your clients the solutions they need with our Consultants Pathway. Knowing what our best-in-class Business Operations, eCommerce, and eProcurement tools can do will assist you and your clients toward profitability.

Am I suitable?

You are a UK registered business, offering consultancy in one or more of the following markets:

• Procurement and purchasing

• Profit and margin turnaround

• Wastage across stock and labour

• Estate reporting accuracy

• Supplier management

• Head Office, supplier, and trading location EDI

Your pathway to our solution

Sector-specific demonstration


We will work with you to understand the unique needs of your clients.


We’ll show you what our software can do, and ensure you know when and where to introduce Zupa.

Access to our tools


With agreement from your clients, we use our tools to present a true model of the gaps in their operations.


We can also provide a more immediate illustration of the obstacles across data management. This builds unmatched trust with your clients.



Once the Zupa solution is adopted, your clients will begin to enjoy the results quickly, and will become advocates of your service and our solution.


We will agree a results-based fee structure that benefits both parties.

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