Financial Config and Control

We aren’t a finance system, however we do capture live trade and integrate with financial system. We look at the what is happening, vs the finance system which focuses on what has happened.

Financial configuration and control entails mirroring the full Chart of Accounts, to ensure that all transactions are automatically logged and balanced in the General Ledger. This seemlessly integrates to the finance system, which ensures there are no discrepancies when it comes to financial reporting in either system.

We bring budget control to the front line, ensuring all purchasing and sales are monitored against the budget in real terms, avoiding an unhappy finance team after month end.


Our Platform,
Your Way


Everything we do is powered by our software engine - zupaPlatform. It is a microservice, cloud-based ‘technology chassis’ which provides business and trading services for both buyers and suppliers. Zupa is a fully flexible platform that will allow you to choose the components that you need right now, it will allow you to grow at your own pace and integrate with your existing toolset perfectly.

Tell us what you need and we’ll find a bespoke solution that suits you.

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